Sexy African maid Jasmine can't resist antonio's charms

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Description: Well it turns out that African maids are not just good at cleaning around the house but they can also leave your dick shiny clean! Antonio is staying at a ghetto apartment in Uganda. He prefers it when in the mood for a cheap ghetto fuck. The place needs cleaning because it's about to be returned to the owner soon. So he calls a maid service. Our sex tourist did not expect to see someone as sexy as young Jasmine when the maid showed up. She definitely does not fit the housemaid criteria. Jasmine is young, has a pretty face and a tight thick body. One sure as hell would not think this sexy Ugandan beauty cleans toilets for a living. Little did she know that her job description was about to change when she comes into Antonio´s place. This is her first time working at a foreigner´s house and she is quite baffled by our tall white stud. She tries to shut down Antonio´s first advances, acting like she is only interested in her work... but yeah right! He catches Jasmine coming out of the bathroom and kisses her neck passionately while his strong hands explore her thick bottoms. This is too much for this naughty young babe. She cannot help but give into her white lover’s big arms right there in the patio. Hot damn! Jasmine sticks her hands down Antonio´s pants without even imagining what is waiting for her. It takes both of her little chocolate hands to pull out that massive cock. She puts his human hose in her mouth and gives it a thorough sucking. Jasmine goes faster and slower as Antonio´s tells her to... doing as she's told just like a good maid. Antonio gets way more fired up when he sees her pants come off and he can finally see what young Jasmine has under that hood. Jasmine has a perfectly round African ass. She sways her bubble tail and makes her cheeks jiggle as she slowly undresses. She makes her lover sit down on a chair. Antonio puts his eager mouth around her hardened nipples while she slowly sits down on his hard shaft. He eases his entire length in her tender pussy before going in for a full ride. Perky Jasmine is a rough rider, bouncing on his cock like a pogo stick… testing the quality of the chair while she does it. Jasmine's pussy has never been fucked this way. She bends over on that chair for Antonio monster cock to barge in from the back. Her little African black berry is juicier than ever and she lays back on the floor. Jasmine spreads her legs for her white lover´s throbbing cock. They switch positions and Antonio delivers her a hard drilling from the bottom. Our Sex Adventurer destroys that ebony cunt until he is ready to give her pretty black face a warm surprise. Antonio only paid for her cleaning service so he makes sure to send her ass back to work after nutting on her face.
African Fuck Tour Episode 60.

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